Top of the Town – 5 Best Pork Dishes in Cebu

One thing you’ll notice when eating around the Philippines is that we’re completely obsessed with our pork, which is probably why we cook it so...

Foodie Spotlight – Bambi Sy Gobio of Restaurante Pia y Damaso

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Panda Peeks – Unit 27 Bar + Cafe

What do you think can you expect from good friends who like throwing parties and dining in every chance they get? They’d probably put up...

Good Food Tour Philippines – Modern Filipino Food Edition

The Good Food Tour originated in Berlin in 2015 having the objective of gathering people who love food to make new friends, to experience different...

Panda Peeks – Manggahan Cebu

Manggahan is a Cebuano term for “where trees are planted”. Coined after the big mango tree at the back of the restaurant, Manggahan features Filipino native...

The Perfect Match – Pairing Whisky, Beer and Comfort Food from Frankie’s

The first ever Buffalo Wings were served around 1964 by Italian-American couple Frank and Teressa Bellissimo in their establishment called Frank and Teressa’s Anchor Bar located in Buffalo...

Panda Peeks – Bonchon

Have you ever imagined your traditional bibimbap with curry? How about your hotdog sandwich glazed in different flavourful sauces? I indulged myself in a Bonchon’s...

Panda Peeks – Farfalla

Farfalla means butterfly in Italian. But in Manila, it is a quaint, charming little restaurant located in Hotel Durban along Durban Street, just off Makati...

Top of the Town – Filipino Comfort Food Sinigang

It’s the month of June and with it comes the start of the rainy season. If you’ve just started dreaming of the warm summer days,...

Panda Peeks – Sunburst Cebu

Fried Chicken just might be the world’s most versatile food. It makes just as much sense having it in your car as a snack or...

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Mitz Jao checks out this popular Filipino restaurant with a reputation for simple classics

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foodpanda tries out uber-popular eatery and chill out spot, Craft Rock and Grill. The best place in Manila. What do you think?

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