Panda Peeks — RBCTY

Panda Peeks — RBCTY

“TREAT YOURSELF,” is what I’d always chant in between every bite off a good old slab of ribs. I love ribs unconditionally, but the caveat in this strong relationship I have with the grilled beauty is that it can be high-maintenance. A great set of ribs is something you gotta earn (shout out to Pay Day Fridays!), but in spite of that, my loyalty for ribs remains unbridled.


RBCTY has changed the game completely for rib-lovers like you and me. They have built us a City of Ribs and we all want to retire in it, happily and without regrets – just affordable ribs. The price range of RBCTY caters to yuppies and students living off college budgets alike, making it clear that we all deserve ribs.


But what’s a great slab of ribs without an equally great set of appetizers to pair with? Starting off with RBCTY’s Viet Bet – carrots, cucumber, radish, shallots, cilantro and shrimps in classic Vietnamese dressing – one of two green choices alongside their classic Caesar. This salad is refreshing enough to leave your palette all tangy, cleansing it well enough for the savory dishes next in line.


True to its moniker, RBCTY’s Dynamite lets you go from creamy to crazy hot with just a single bite. These fried cheese sticks have stalks of green chili peppers at the center, giving you something extra explosive to look forward to after every crunch. Dip it into some marinara to make it even tastier.


Four Cheezilla is a serving of fusilli pasta with parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar & blue cheese, garnished with herbs and paired with traditional garlic bread. The people of Rib City are big fans of cheese as much as they are of ribs, and for that we are deeply grateful. They know what we like and what we like is a whole lot of dairy.


Hitting two birds with one stone best describes the Two-way Sub especially if you love eating sandwiches and ribs… all at once, if you’re classy like me. That’s exactly what it is: a long sandwich of rib flakes and pulled shreds (with loads of cheese). So long, it just had to be cut in half for convenience. The best part was that this was just a teaser for the finale.


Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For” started playing in my head when RBCTY’s Suburban arrived, perfectly depicting the instant connection I had with it. This full meal came with rice, a side dish of choice, and a drink. It was surprisingly designed to serve one despite its overwhelming size. This was definitely what I came here for and I was ready to have all of it, which I most certainly did. Even more enticing than the great taste of RBCTY’s ribs was the very challenge of finishing it. Case in point: the tiny human that I am versus this massive slab of meat. And as all good things must come to an end, I am happy to share that I finished this meal feeling like a champion. Pretty sure all these guys did, too:


RBCTY has branches located in Pioneer, Mandaluyong and Maginhawa, Quezon City. You can also find them on Facebook! With foodpanda, you can treat yourself to an affordable feast of ribs anytime and anywhere. Order now!


Christa Vega |
Contributing Editor

Christa is an illustrator who spends most of her time looking up pictures of sloths online. She relies on crunchy tacos and/or egg-wrapped Pad Thai to fuel her creativity.


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