8 must-try brown sugar drinks you can order via delivery

8 must-try brown sugar drinks you can order via delivery

Hello, hello brown-sugar universe! There’s nothing sweeter than fixing that brown-sugar-drink craving when it hits.

Enjoy our little list of all the brown sugar drinks y’all must try (if you haven’t yet). What’s in it for you, you may ask? Well, besides everything delicious that’s on this list, it’s that you can order each one via delivery… today! Let’s roll. 

1. Brown Sugar Latte (Black Scoop Café )

Ahh, the famous Maginhawa Street where it all started for Black Scoop Cafe. Not only popular for their charcoal soft serve series, their Brown Sugar Latte also sends us nuts. You might think it’s just another ‘brown sugar drinks’ – although any brown sugar drink is dreamy, Black Scoop Cafe’s decaffeinated Brown Sugar Latte stands out because of their main ingredient: muscovado. Muscovado is a type of brown sugar widely produced in the Philippines.

Unlike our Tinder profile pics, Brown Sugar Latte’s photos don’t lie. The drink really does come with a generous amount of brown sugar syrup that has a strong kick upon first sip. As it dissolves in the milk, the taste becomes milder but never bland, remaining deliciously sweet right to the last drop. Also, the boba pearls complement the drink with their sweetness and chewy texture. Yas, the photos speak the truth, y’all.

Try their other brown sugar drinks as well, we guarantee they won’t disappoint. Aside from the Original Brown Sugar Latte, you can also order it with cream cheese or their Matcha Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese.

Order Black Scoop Cafe’s Brown Sugar drinks today.

2. Brown Sugar Series with Pearls (Serenitea)

Imagine the Philippines without Serenitea. Sucks, right? It almost happened, though. Did you know that Serenitea almost shut down in their first eight months? Peter Chen and Juliet Herrera, now married, partnered to start the first-ever milk tea shop in the Philippines back in 2008. Their first tiny tea shop was in Little Baguio, San Juan. The couple, inspired by the shift from tea culture to coffee culture in China, wanted to see if the Philippines could have the exact opposite shift through milk tea drinks.

After losing sacks of money in their first eight months, Serenitea exploded and became a trend. Now, you can enjoy a variety of drinks from the well-known milk tea brand. Our recent favorite? The Brown Sugar Series with Pearls! You can immediately taste the flavor of toasted caramel from the brown-sugar syrup. Combined with fresh milk, the sweetness evens out and becomes a delightful experience.

Order Serenitea’s Brown Sugar Series right now.

3. Brown Sugar Series (Gong Cha)

‘Gong Cha’ literally means ‘the best tea given to an emperor’. Yeah, you read that right. And Gong Cha aims to make its customers feel like emperors with their products and service. As the world’s biggest franchise for tea drinks, it’s no surprise why Gong Cha is everyone’s favorite. They are not only famous for their fresh fruit teas or yummy classic milk teas, but they have their own Brown Sugar drink series, too!

We love their rich and creamy Brown Sugar Milk Tea with pearls soaked in brown sugar. Not only that, but they also have a brown sugar drink for black tea lovers called Milk Brown Sugar Black Tea.

Order Gong Cha’s Brown Sugar drinks right now!

4. Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk (The Alley)

No brown sugar drinks list would be complete without the brand responsible for some of Manila’s longest queues. Like, how? The Alley, one of the hottest brands for the love of milk tea, originated in Taiwan, and brown sugar milk fans just can’t get enough of their products – whether on trips abroad or here in the Philippines. And if you see a long queue outside of The Alley, it’s because it’s worth the wait.

If you’re not already obsessed with their most famous drink, the Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk, then you will be once you try it. The brown sugar syrup brings a burst of deep caramel flavor, while the velvety brown-sugar boba pearls are topped with a layer of rich and creamy creme-brûlée – everything is in one “dayum!” drink, my friend. You’re allowed to drool.

The Alley’s open secret for a more wonderful experience with their Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk is to stir it nine times. Correct, just like cat lives. Witness the strong sweetness of the caramel mix smoothly with the milk. Cheers!

Order The Alley’s Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk today. 

5. Marble Pearl Fresh Milk (Chatime)

It’s always time for Chatime!

If you want a simple, really good brown sugar drink fix, Chatime is your buddy. We love Chatime’s milk tea series that sends us to space with every sip. Let’s be real, we all have different tastes but Chatime seems to know how to cater to everyone’s craving with their drinks. Not neglecting the brown-sugar community, Chatime came up with their Marble Series that we all love!

The milk itself isn’t too thick, but it’s just the right amount of creamy with a unique fresh milk flavor. Chewy and velvety sweet brown sugar pearls in the milk make the drink a dream come true. You get to choose from the Marble Pearl Fresh Milk, Marble Pearl Black Tea Latte, or the Marble Pearl Milk tea in their Marble collection (the brown sugar series). Enjoy!

Order Chatime’s Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk on foodpanda.

6. Milk Tiger (Happy Lemon)

Rock, salt, and cheese. Sounds like a cool rock band but if you’ve never heard it before, it’s just what drives us crazy about Happy Lemon. 

Happy Lemon just nailed the right combination for a divine drink with their rock, salt, and cheese or RSC drink options. And mind you, they didn’t just stop at this although this is already a genius creation, they made a variation to squeeze RSC into brown sugar drinks. Heaaaven!

Give your Milk Tiger drink a shake and enjoy a sweet, salty, and creamy drink. Promise you, it won’t disappoint.

Order Happy Lemon’s Milk Tiger on foodpanda.

7.  Brown Sugar Pearl Milk (Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea) 

We present you another huge milk tea brand hailing from Taiwan: Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea! Although already popular in Taiwan, Yi Fang just entered the Philippine market in 2017. Pinoys were already devoted milk tea drinkers by then, so it wasn’t hard for them to be loved by all. Unlike other milk tea brands, Yi Fang is not really into artificial sugar when it comes to their drinks. They use the natural sweetness of the fresh fruits they include in their products. 

They definitely set a standard for a healthy lifestyle here. But they surely didn’t miss the brown sugar craze and created their version. Yi Fang’s Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte is a must-try! Made with fresh milk, premium black tea, and luscious brown sugar pearls. They put in a generous amount of the sweet pearls in their drinks so it goes well with the creamy milk.

Drooling? Order Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk on foodpanda today.

8. Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cream Mousse (Tiger Sugar) 

I mean we could have just stopped at the headline and call it a day. This drink needs no introduction.

If you’ve never been knocked out by Tiger Sugar’s (hailing from Taiwan) beyond amazing Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, then you gotta get out of that cave you’re living in. Come join the party and drown your cravings with this brown sugar goodness in a cup.

But before you jump to conclusions, it’s not a milk tea drink. Just because it contains no tea at all. Your Tiger Sugar drink comes with a bunch of “tiger stripes” from the yummy brown sugar syrup that’s visible from the outside –– and yep, that’s where the name comes from. They suggest shaking the drink 15 times before consuming it for a better taste of the fresh milk, the creamy mousse, and the brown sugar pearls.

Order Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cream Mousse on foodpanda. 

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