Espresso-self. It’s National Espresso Day!

Espresso-self. It’s National Espresso Day!

When preparing for a long and productive day, it’s become a mindset for most to need a stronger cup (or two) of coffee. For some, it’s an added shot of espresso in their drink to keep themselves caffeinated the whole day. Are you one of us, coffee addicts?

The Origins of Espresso

The idea of creating espresso brewed when Milan-born Luigi Bezzera (a.k.a. every coffee lover’s hero) manufactured the espresso machine because he wanted to make the process of making coffee faster and to reduce his workers’ coffee break time.

Espresso is made when steam pressure forces hot water into finely ground, packed coffee. From there, the machine extracts a concentrated shot of espresso with a little froth called “crema” on top.

Wait a minute, isn’t espresso the same as coffee?

Yes and no. Espresso is coffee, but coffee isn’t just espresso. It’s the result of preparing coffee in the process that turned it into espresso.

There are many ways to brew your coffee depending on the type of drink you want to produce. You can use brewing tools like a French Press, Aeropress, coffee bag, siphon pot, etc. Using an espresso machine is just one of them. Isn’t the world of coffee amazing?

Espresso is prepared in 1-2 ounce shots. There are a number of ways to drink espresso as well as different types of well-known coffee drinks that use espresso as their base. Here are some examples:

Pure Espresso

Usually served in small cups (called “Demitasse cup” or also known as “half cup”), espresso can be enjoyed in its purest form. Have it in 4 different ways:

  • Ristretto or “short shot” is the ¾ ounce shot of espresso, which is made using just half the usual amount of water, making it a more concentrated and darker espresso in a cup.
  • Lungo, on the other hand, is the “long shot” as it contains 1 ½ ounces.
  • Single Shot is 1 ounce worth of espresso. And lastly;
  • Double Shot is similar to Lungo but uses twice the amount of coffee for that extra caffeine kick.


A macchiato is simply a shot of espresso over a layer of foamed milk. Some prefer it sweeter so they add caramel syrup or their sweetener of choice.


Best known for its foamy top, cappuccino is prepared with a single shot of espresso with steamed milk poured to foam on top. The hot foam adds a more velvety texture to the drink and some prefer to top it off with cinnamon to give it that extra kick of flavor.


All the coffee art you see are usually found on lattes. One or two shots of espresso in a coffee mug then the rest is steamed milk poured artfully to create images like hearts, flowers and even seahorses. The more intricate the art, the more Instagrammable. Amiright?

This drink is perfect for those who like their coffee on the milkier side. Cafe Latte literally means “milk coffee”.

Flat White

Flat White consists of espresso and microfoam. The difference of this between Latte and Cappuccino is that Flat White has more espresso and it’s poured last on the cup. Some prefer this over other espresso-based drinks because it has a stronger coffee taste.

BONUS: Affogato

Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert where you pour a shot of espresso over a generous scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream. Coffee and dessert in one? Yes, please!

There are more coffee shops offering a variety of espresso-based drinks that are unique and creative. With bold flavors and options to choose from, it’s impossible to get over your coffee addiction. And tbh, no one would really mind. 😉

Get your espresso-based dose of coffee today and celebrate National Espresso Day with us! Order your fave coffee drink now.

Featured image courtesy of Taylor Wilcox via Unsplash.

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