foodpanda in UP Fair 2017: Sabayan Ang Beat

foodpanda in UP Fair 2017: Sabayan Ang Beat

The most awaited beat of the year is back and foodpanda going to witness it. It is the biggest and the only week-long Original Pinoy Music (OPM) festival in the Philippines that is happening yearly. Let’s go and have fun at UP Fair: Sabayan Ang Beat!

UP Fair is happening every Valentine’s week in UP Diliman, Quezon City, where the new and all-time favorite OPM bands are united and performs for all the guests in the event. The UP Fair is created to promote different advocacies through musical performances, bazaars, and carnival rides. It is said that every year the event is being attended by more than 10,000 guests and now, we are happy to announce that foodpanda is joining this year’s UP Fair to join the fun and even give little gifts!


UP FAIR ATTENDEES- Photo by Choose Philippines


Sabayan Ang Beat is their theme for this year which according to them is a play of words and has two meanings. First is the ‘SABAYAN ang beat’ that shows the value of music in expressing oneself most especially with the use of Oriniginal Pinoy Music (OPM). The theme also means ‘sa BAYAN ang beat’ which serves as a reminder that UP Fair is an event that allows the people to look back on all the advocacies that binds them as a community.

Foodpanda will be having a booth in the said event and will give discount vouchers and other giveaways to those who will visit the booth and download the foodpanda app in their smartphones.

“This is the first time that foodpanda will attend the UP Fair and we are happy to share some gifts to the guests of the event and let them discover what foodpanda offers. Let us all experience one of the biggest OPM festival in the Philippines and enjoy the night with foodpanda,” says Rommel Bulaquina, Marketing Communications Officer of foodpanda Philippines.


The tickets are now in a much cheaper price, Php80 for all UP Students and Php120 for Non-UP Students. So what are you waiting for? Attend one of the biggest events where OPM bands are all together in one event. Look for the foodpanda booth and download the app to have some of our exciting giveaways and discount vouchers that you can use in your next orders using foodpanda app or by just visiting www.foodpanda.ph. Now that the service fee is eliminated and the delivery charged is already fixed at Php59? I guess nobody wants to miss it!

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