How to Host a Lunch-Swap at Work

How to Host a Lunch-Swap at Work
  • Catch-up on emails.
  • Put together last minute presentation.
  • Attend department meeting.

These are the typical items on a Monday morning to-do list. As you cross them off one by one, you look forward to the much needed lunch break even more.
Let us remind you, however, that a wise foodie once said, “The best part about lunch break isn’t the break; it’s the lunch”. So how do you veer away from the routine take-outs and packed meals and make lunch breaks exciting and foodtastic? Easy—hold a lunch swap!

Here’s what to do for a successful lunch swap

  1. Get as many co-workers to join. After all, the more, the merrier (and the more food to share)!
  2. Assign each participant a theme at least two days before the lunch swap. Themes can be as specific as a type of cuisine or as generic as ‘favorite childhood meal’. Ask them to keep their assigned themes a secret!
  3. Ten minutes before lunch time, have the participants write their names on a piece of paper. Fold these properly and place them in a container.
  4. Gather the participants in the office pantry or lounge and have them draw the names of the person whom they will give their lunch to.
  5. Ask participants to reveal their theme and explain why they brought the lunch they did.

If you have co-workers who want to participate in the lunch swap but have no time to prepare a meal, invite them to have their lunch delivered instead. On foodpanda, you can order online from over 1,000 restaurants, so they’re sure to find something that fits their assigned theme.

Look forward to your lunch breaks once again and host a lunch swap! Your co-workers will thank you.

Article Written By The foodpanda Team

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