Panda Peeks – Faburrito

Panda Peeks – Faburrito

It’s the time of the year to spread love! But have you ever wondered that before sharing love you should fill yourself with some of it first? What about treating yourself to tasty food but also good for the heart? Pay a visit to a restaurant that does not only make you eat good, but also lets you feel good!


The healthy haven has been serving good food since 2011 with its first branch in Columns Makati. In nearly six years in the industry, the restaurant had already opened 2 more branches – one in Eastwood and The Stopover branch in BGC, Taguig which offers a minimalist style of interior to give their customers that warm and welcoming vibe while eating their guilt-free food.

Have you ever imagined eating your favorite burrito and taco without feeling guilty of consuming too much calorie that can ruin your strict diet? Well, Faburrito has really helped me a lot with this! Their ‘eat good, feel good’ mantra has so much to tell.

While waiting for my fab food to be served, I had a chance to talk to Fab’s owner Earl Chua who was dropping by to check on the store, and according to him, their goal is to make food that is appealing and tastes good while still being healthy. But more than that, he wants to tell people that Faburrito is a whole lot more than just a restaurant.

“We wanted to create a company that stands for more than just food, we wanted to be known for other things such as how we operate the company, the opportunity we have for our team, the customer experience, and of course the charity that we have,” says Earl Chua.

Yep! You read that right. Faburrito has been doing charity works since 2012. Their Fab Foundation focuses on giving a helping hand to street children by having feeding programs, recreational activities for kids, and even teaching children about the ways of Jesus Christ. They do this 4 times a year with the help of other partner organizations and a percentage of Faburrito’s proceeds go to the funding of the foundation. How fabulous can this brand be? You get to eat your tasty plus healthy food and help others too!

Then the food finally arrives. Have I told you that everything from Faburrito’s menu is fresh and hand-made? That’s why they are having a separate menu just for foodpanda which assures people that their order’s natural flavor and freshness are preserved even on delivery! Allow me to give you a hint of how healthy and yummy their food can be.



First off, Faburrito’s best seller, Chicken Burrito. The only burrito that can make you full but still feel good for it has the best healthy ingredients in town. It is served in a Whole wheat tortilla with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese and tasty chicken chunks. I partnered it with Garlic Aioli which is really good that I thought of finishing the whole burrito but I still have two more dishes to eat. Will definitely go back to fab for this!


Next dish is Faburitto’s Bowl of Goodness! It is served with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, crunchy soy chips, lime, and I personally chose their battered fish to finish off my wonderful dish. As the servers pull out my order, I can really notice the freshness of all the ingredients which has been confirmed once I tasted the dish. I tried to pour a bit of their Habanero Salsa which filled my mouth with a great kick of spice and now I am not surprised why their customers keep on coming back!


Last, but definitely not the least, the star of my “eat good, feel good” journey, Faburrito’s Steak Salad. It is served with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced onions, carrots, eggs, crunchy soy chips topped with tender steak chunks and cheese. This dish really matches their Mango Salsa which made me think why of I haven’t tried their salad a long time ago.

Faburrito is, indeed, fabulous in all levels! The people behind this organization do not only help health conscious people that long for tasty food but also extend their helping hands to the unfortunate ones. This ‘eat good, feel good’ journey has taught me that the true meaning of being fabulous is having being able to share whatever you have to those who need it the most. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix to your hunger yet healthy and good for your diet—not to mention being able to give back to the society—visit Faburrito now.

Be sure to follow Faburrito in their social media accounts and like their Facebook page to know more about their upcoming promotions, events, and restaurant schedule. Wait for Faburrito’s big surprise next month!

Ground Floor, Tower 2, The Columns Ayala, Ayala Ave, Makati

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