Panda Peeks – Lazy Bastard

Panda Peeks – Lazy Bastard

So I saw this rather honest statement on my timeline one day that got me curious about how a certain restaurant prepares and serves their menu items– I’m kidding. I got curious because it says – Long Live Bacon!

It’s really incredible how print ads or just simple copies create an impression for the brand that they belong to, right? When I bumped into this photo, I immediately connected to it simply because I’m a big sucker for bacon. Ok, there, I said it. I love bacon more than any other cooking. I like it because it’s less complicated, you can eat it as it is or mix it with whatever you’re planning to cook. When I can’t think of anything to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I know I can easily count on bacon. I purposely went to this store one afternoon to check on their food and my visit almost felt like heaven. I enjoyed everything I had from Lazy Bastard.

Restaurant facade

They were just opening their U.P. Town Center store when I got there. As soon as they got settled, I asked for the menu and engaged on a little chit chat with the crew. I was told that the owner grew up in the US and was inspired by the speakeasy bars illegally selling alcoholic drinks in New York during the Prohibition era.  These bars were hidden behind inconspicuous establishments; with non-descript facades and secret password requirements. This gave him an idea to put up Lazy Bastard, a New York-style burger and hotdog joint, as a front for his basement watering hole called ABV.  What he didn’t expect, however, was the success of Lazy Bastard as a viable/profitable business in and of its own. When asked about where the name “Lazy Bastard” came from, the staff smiled and said that’s what you become after eating their ridiculously yummy comfort food.

menu board

Lazy Bastard’s interiors exude a New York hole-in-the-wall vibe — with its modest seating area, subway tiles, brick walls, wooden tables, bar stools, indie music, chalkboard menu and its most Instagrammed “Long Live Bacon” neon signage. No millennial can ever resist a second look at this concept store. Talking about their menu, it could be best described as simple and straight-forward but provides a variety of flavor profiles.

I ordered one of their bestsellers, the Honey Parmesan Dog, a 100% beef hotdog wrapped in bacon with generous shavings of Parmesan, a drizzle of local honey and arugula, served on a buttery and pillowy-soft potato bun. It’s like being on a pleasant carousel of flavors for this delectable piece has a balanced savory taste of sweet– honey, salty—parmesan cheese, and bitter– arugula. I’m telling you, guys, this is a must-try!

I wasn't able to take an actual photo because I got excited and  immediately took a bite when it was given to me. (Photo grabbed from http://cdn.phonebooky.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/07180457/Bacon-Cheeseburger.jpg)

I wasn’t able to take an actual photo because I got excited and immediately took a bite when it was given to me. (Photo grabbed from http://cdn.phonebooky.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/07180457/Bacon-Cheeseburger.jpg)

Another bestseller is their Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s made of 100% ground chuck beef patty, a crunchy bacon weave, orange cheddar, lettuce, red onion, and tomato, served on a potato bun. I must admit, the guilt factor after devouring one order of this could be insanely high but you just have to trust that it’s all going to be worth it. They also gave me a sample platter of what they call Tater Bombs which are basically deep-fried fries wrapped in perfectly crispy bacon. It was so good, I wanted to order a whole platter but the Bacon Cheeseburger got me so full already. You can dip it in either mustard or tomato ketchup.

Tater Bombs

The most curious piece for me is their Totchos which the staff described as the “bastard” of Tater Bomb and Nachos. Imagine fresh lettuce with chunks of deep-fried potatoes (subs for actual nachos) topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, chopped jalapenos, bacon bits, and sour cream. You wouldn’t even notice you’ve already finished an entire plate. It’s that good. I’m not a big fan of nachos but potatoes, YES! Pair it with their Vanilla or Chocolate Milkshake and you should be good.


I’ve got one last tip for you, guys: They have a secret menu! Just follow them on facebook (Lazy Bastard) and Instagram (@lazybastardph) to know how to uncover it. This is how they do it in speakeasy bars before in New York like what I’ve mentioned at the start of this article. Cool, right? They’re also offering catering services. For inquiries, just email [email protected]

Great thing about this place is that it’s unpretentious, just like the food they serve. They’re not claiming to be the goodie/ healthy type but just a no-fuss, no frills neighborhood joint serving your favorite comfort food. They focus on the quality of each menu item making sure that they are cooked using only the freshest ingredients and no shortcuts.



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