Panda Peeks – Mister Kabab Manila

Panda Peeks – Mister Kabab Manila

If you haven’t had a Mediterranean dining experience yet, then stepping into Mister Kabab is as authentic as it can get in the Philippines. The exotic yet warm interior provides an elegant ambiance sure to put the stingiest of eaters in a hungry mood. Each branch of Mister Kabab is equipped with beautifully carved wooden chairs and masterfully selected Mediterranean-inspired patterns adorning the floors and other furniture.

Mister Kabab | foodpanda Magazine

Mister Kabab has already established itself as one of the go-to restaurants to satisfy the Filipino kabab fix. Famous for its’ special Chelo Kabab, Mister Kabab offers mind-bogglingly tasty Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking that’s healthy yet good enough to feel as comfort food.

Their menu offers a wide array of cuisine including but not limited to Turkish, Arabic, Lebanese, Greek, Moroccan and of course the Persian food.

Mister Kabab in Manila | foodpanda MagazineThe ever-popular Special Beef Chelo Kabab

I started off my gastronomic Mediterranean cruise with the incredibly popular Special Chelo Kabab. This reminded me of so many night-outs with friends when we capped off our day with a satisfying serving of meat and rice.

The lean and tender pieces of meat marinated with their own secret blend of spices and yogurt sauce that seems to go well with absolutely anything wasn’t just nostalgic, but incredibly satisfying as well. Seeing the butter melt off their perfectly-cooked rice and the glistening of the beef barely made it possible for me to take a picture! Needless to say, this took less than a minute to devour and truly left me wanting for more.

Mister Kabab menu | foodpanda MagazinePotatoes, beef, chick peas and more. Everything good in a bowl.

Next up was a generous serving of Abghoust. This beef stew with tomatoes, potatoes, chick peas and beans was heavenly to say the least. In my opinion, Mister Kabab’s take on this Persian favourite had just the right ratio of meat to other ingredients – which is a lot more meat than everything else. Maybe that’s just the carnivore in me talking but the melt-in-your-mouth meat was truly a delight.

Mister Kabab delivery | foodpanda MagazineThe tastiest non-conventional Pizza in the Philippines!

Lastly, I had the chance to try-out their own ingenious concoction, the best-selling Keema Pizza. I applaud Mister Kabab for being able to create a wonderful marriage of flavours between Keema and pizza. The first thing I noticed was how eye-catching the pizza was. The green from the cutely-cut bell peppers and tomatoes on a bed of meat and cheese was a feast for the eyes.

It’s usually difficult to taste each ingredient in a pizza but Mister Kabab has managed to fuse them all together yet give you each ingredient’s distinct taste with every bite. I’m proud to say that I actually reverted to my childhood habits of slapping two slices (or four) of pizza together to make my own version of a pizza sandwich (or double-decker).

Order delicious food from Mister Kabab | foodpanda MagazineMy Mediterranean Feast

Mister Kabab is still the go-to restaurant for all things kabab and more. And it looks like the restaurant isn’t willing to give up its’ crown anytime soon with their continuously evolving menu.

Mister Kabab

Address: Second Floor, Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 12AM

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Editor | Inigo Hizon

Article Written By Team foodpanda

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