Panda Peeks – east,west Cafe (Cebu)

Panda Peeks – east,west  Cafe (Cebu)

east,west founded by Hendri Go, executive producer of Little Boy Productions says, “The name came from a Salman Rushdie book of short stories. The concept is a confluence of two cultures which also depicts the kind of food we serve – a mix of east and west.”

Now managed by his young entrepreneur sister, Valerie Go says, “We are real advocates of quality over quantity, so while there may be hundreds of names out there, you know you can count on east,west for good food and drinks.”

A coffee shop that started before the new coffee wave revolution in the year 1999 with a humble beginning across the emergency room of Cebu Doctors’ Hospital, east,west is now a full-fledged café at The Walk, Asiatown Cebu IT Park.

The warm, earnest vibe of east,west café is something you pick up on quickly upon stepping into its homey space. “We don’t believe in mass production, we have a small rotating selection of our sweet and savory crepes” says Valerie. “Other than coffee, we also serve cocktails, beer sets, and bar chows.”

While my personal favorites on the menu are the Chili Lime Pasta and Bananas and Hazelnut Crepe, east,west is famous for their Mango Sushi Crepe. I like having crepes as they can easily go from breakfast to dinner and my favorite, dessert. With that said, I am about to devour the café’s signature items.
Mango Crabstick and Pasta Salad
east-west-cafe-mango-crabstick-and-pasta-salad Colorful, light and refreshing. This salad is undeniably tasty, no wonder it’s a house favorite!
Quater Pounder
east-west-cafe-quarter-pounder There’s nothing quite like the satisfying meaty goodness of east,west Cafe’s pan-fried quarter pounder to stamp out those hunger pangs. Love the potato jojos in between the buns!
Pasta Aligue
east-west-cafe-pasta-aligue To those that are not familiar with aligue, it’s pure crab fat now mixed into a very tasty pasta! I usually do not like to eat anything with fishy taste but this one was a hit!
Mango Sushi Dessert Crepe
east-west-cafe-mango-sushi-dessert-crepe east,west’s signature dessert consists of sweet mango slices wrapped in a crepe, over a bed of mango-tapioca coulis, served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with crème anglaise.
east,west spearheaded the café culture in Cebu and true to Valerie’s top picks, east,west proved that they are one of those few café’s that became successful and highly regarded by coffee lovers – Easties and Westies alike.

east,west Cafe
Address: The Walk, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Opening Hours: Mon- Sat 11AM-3AM, Sun 11AM-1:30AM
Click this link to order online: east,west Cafe
Facebook Page: east,west Cafe Facebook Page

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