Who’s craving some crispy Fried Chicken?

Who’s craving some crispy Fried Chicken?

There are a good number of people who would confidently say that fried chicken is life—and who can blame them? It’s crispy, tasty, and savory. It’s food that easily excites the senses. All you need to do is just imagine it.

In some ways, it seems as though the fried chicken was invented for the sole purpose of making people happy. But what makes it so appetizing? Let’s dig deeper into fried chicken’s history and see exactly why we crave it so much.

Fried Chicken: A (Super) Short History

The fried chicken recipe actually traces its roots back to Scotland. While the rest of the world was either roasting or baking chicken, Scottish people were deep-frying their chicken in fat. As the Scottish people migrated to other shores, they brought their cuisine along and caused this cooking innovation to spread around the world like wildfire—and rightfully so.

Now, anywhere you go, you see variations of this delectable dish, with different places doing their own rendition of fried chicken. Classic battered, glazed, marinated, double-fried, Korean, buffalo wings, southern style—you name it, someplace has it.

Is Fried Chicken Healthy?

Now when we talk about fried chicken, it’s not normally associated with the word healthy. Perhaps because the more common versions, like the Southern-American deep-fried chicken, are usually greasy and fatty. But fried chicken, when cooked properly, is actually healthy food. It’s a good source of protein and it’s rich in Vitamin B6, Iron, and Magnesium.

When it comes to chicken, the fatter it gets, the tastier it becomes. The breast meat is the leanest part and usually requires additional spices to enhance its flavor. On the other hand, the skin has the most fat, therefore, it’s the most flavorful.

Fried chicken skin has the perfect combination of salty and fat, two compounds that we’re anatomically programmed to want. Add the fragrant aroma and that golden-brown skin and you’ll soon find your mouth water in one look. It’s not the healthiest food choice, but it’s definitely found its way into our diet.

Its appeal is the joy and comfort you get with each bite—to be honest, that feeling is what we’re really after. We long for crispy skin and juicy meat because it can go with whatever sauce or gravy mix is available. That’s the beauty of fried chicken: it won’t judge you if you like it with plain, old salt and pepper, or drizzled with cheese and bacon bits. It’s comfort food in its truest form—giving you the freedom to enjoy eating however you like it.

Speaking of freedom to choose, our recommended list to fix your fried chicken needs includes:

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Cravings wings? Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things has branches from Banawe to Bonifacio Global City, and Katipunan to Morayta. At the mall and in need of some chicken-goodness? You can also check out their branches at Robinson Galleria, SM Center Pasig, and SM San Lazaro.

Frankies New York Buffalo Wings

If you’re in the Pasig area, drop on by City Golf Plaza or SM Megamall for a bite! You can also try out Frankie’s goodness at SM Aura and SM North.

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Featured image by Brian Chan via Unsplash.

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