Good Food Tour highlights the best tasting Pizzas in BGC

Good Food Tour highlights the best tasting Pizzas in BGC

foodpanda scouts around the busy streets of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig for that perfectly toasted dough with the most creative and freshest toppings because not all pizzas are created equal, some are just oven baked better than the rest!

Pizza means a flatbread baked and topped with tomato sauce and cheese. This very straightforward, simple and yet delectable Italian food has gained world-wide attention throughout centuries and has even been localized in most regions of the planet. Hence, it’s almost impossible to trace its history and origin but with or without proper definition or etymology, pizza remains to be one of the most craved and requested food items in the world.

The third leg of foodpanda Philippines’ Good Food Tour, in partnership with Camerahaus, the leading retail establishment of photography gear in the country, discovers 3 pizzerias that offer unique, mouthwatering, and satisfying pizza flavors. Together with some bloggers and media influencers, the gastronomic tour went first to Motorino Pizza.


“It looks intimidating and real pricey from the outside but we got to know the restaurant better with the Good Food Tour and found out that all of our initial impressions were wrong,” says Reese Rayos from @thefoodiestation. “We aim to provide authentic pizza dining experience to our customers and a reliable option both on a plate in the shop or in a cardboard box delivered at home,” explains Trisha Santos, owner of Motorino Pizza. “I love the ambience here and the food tastes as great as it looks! My favorite is the Soppressata Piccante because of the crispness of the crust that’s just right, a hint of spiciness, and they served it so fast! The Gragnano or Pizza Wine goes sooo well with any of their pizza, too,” adds Rayos. Motorino Pizza has branches in NetPark Building, BGC and Greenbelt, Makati. The set up was so dreamy, candle-lit pizza and wine party, we all forgot about leaving for our second stop!


Pasto, which is already considered as a culinary institution in the area, welcomes the whole group with its warm and cozy setting. “I have been dining here since its launch 15 odd years back and it’s really surprising to know that it has already outlived most of its competition here. They must be doing something right all these years!” exalts May De Guzman of @whattoeatph. “We were one of the very first to offer authentic Italian pizza in Manila. It was an easy choice back then because people were looking for the real thing. We make sure that all our ingredients are fresh and that we never fail to innovate,” shares Kay Alcantara, owner of Pasto. “I’m a sucker for pesto and seafood! Their Pizza Bianca is very filling and light on the tummy at the same time. I like the combination of clams, mussels, and shrimp in pesto sauce. It’s really a must-try,” says De Guzman. Visit Pasto in any of their branches in Eastwood, BGC, Greenhills, El Pueblo, and Makati.


Just when everybody thought they could not take a single bite anymore, we were surprised by the fancy long table in CPK adorned with different refreshments fit for a touring foodie! “I’ve always loved their Prosciutto Pizza with reduced balsamic vinegar topped with fresh arugula on caramelized crust. You can see Prosciutto from the menu of every pizzeria but CPK’s is just beyond delicious! It’s a completely refreshing take from a pizza house staple,” says Jerro Santos of @GourManila. “It has always been our goal to introduce pizzas that are out of the ordinary. We make sure that every bite brings a new and delightful experience to our customers,” explains Frances Samorano, CPK’s Brand Supervisor.

Pizza is now considered to be the ultimate comfort food for many Filipinos and it’s a great thing that a wide selection of this meal item is available within reach, in just a few clicks on your mobile via the foodpanda app.


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