5 #SoSulitSoWorthIt Restaurants in Manila

5 #SoSulitSoWorthIt Restaurants in Manila

There’s a misconception that good food needs to be expensive. It doesn’t help that this idea is reinforced by viral ads underscoring the link between budget meals with the infamous petsa di peligro. Hence, the viral commercials featuring the link between Jollibee’s budget meals and payday.

The thing is, this belief isn’t always true! There’s a lot of good food out there that are affordably priced—you just need to look in the right direction. We thought we might encourage you to try something new this NEWvember, so we’ve come up with a list of restos to give that #SoSulitSoWorthIt bites.

Here are 5 budget-friendly restaurants in Manila.

Tambayan ni Pedro

Price Range: P89 to P149
Delivery Fee: P35

This food find highlights local inspiration from their restaurant designs to their meal names. Their menu consists of different sets all catering to the wit of every Filipino. You have Seksi Meals, Almusarap Meals, Siksik Meals, Merienda Meals, and Tambayan Meals—also Filipino classics from Chicken Inasal to Sisig Tokwa and Boneless Bangus.

Their various offerings will definitely make those cravings for lutong bahay disappear.

Rodan’s Diner

Price Range: P65 to P90
Delivery Fee: P49

Are you addicted to anything with rice and egg? If so, this place might be right for you! Rodan’s Diner is famous for affordable tapsis ranging from Porksilog (P75) to Tapsilog (P90). If you’re not looking specifically for silog, you can also check out their other meals: Pork Sisig (P65), Porkchop (P65) and Hungarian Sausage (P75).

Razon’s By Glenn

Price Range: P35 to P305
Delivery Fee: P35

Razon’s By Glenn is famous for their crowd-favorite halo-halo, along with their signature palabok, and their Kapampangan food options.

Now, if you’re trying their Halo-halo for the first time, take our friendly advice: go for the junior size! It’s cheaper, smaller, but tastes just as good the tall one. The only problem? You might end up wanting more!

JT’s Manukan

Price Range: P40 to P200
Delivery Fee: P35

True to their name, JT’s Manukan offers affordable chicken meals plus other local grilled dishes marinated in the Ilonggo way—Pork Barbeque, Liempo, and Boneless Bangus. If you’ve not experienced Ilonggo food before, then this is the place to go!

This reasonable restaurant is also famous for its owner—actor, Joel Torre. He shares his family’s recipe to the Metro through the resto — and they’ve certainly won every Manileno heart with their 4Ms: masarap, mura, malinis, masaya!

Boy Kanin

Price Range: P59 to P89
Delivery Fee: P49

Repeat after us: “Kanin is life!” — if you agree with that, then you’d also agree that Boy Kanin is lifer! This place offers different rice meals featuring witty titles — take TAPA’reffic, TOCINO’wsome, and LIEMPO’tastic just to name a few. Interested to try their LONGANISA’rap menu? We are!

It’s sulit so go for it! Try these affordable restaurants and eat, eat, eat at the comforts of your home. Book some delivery using our app and sit back, relax, ‘cause we’ve got you covered.

Featured image by Ke Vin on Unsplash.

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