Valentine Ideas – Date Night In

Valentine Ideas – Date Night In

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably already on the lookout for places to go to and restaurants to try. However, with the occasion being one of the most traffic-filled days in the Metro, staying indoors might be a better idea. Here is our checklist for a Valentine’s Day date night in:

1 | Determine your dining area

Are you going to have a fine dining set-up complete with table cloth and fancy silverware, or are you up for a more relaxed arrangement with a picnic style dinner on the floor? Either way, make sure you’re in an area that’s both quiet and comfortable, so you and your date will be free to enjoy the night as you please.

2 | Set the tone; make it romantic

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the perfect atmosphere, so make sure you get your accents right! Whether it’s scattering rose petals, lighting candles, or even displaying flowers and chocolates, decorations are a must to contribute to the mood! Surprise your date with sentimental items too for a more personal touch.

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3 | Play some music

As cheesy as it sounds, some songs just hit the spot on Valentine’s Day. And as great as they are, what’s nice about choosing your own music is that you don’t need to listen to a restaurant’s typical Valentine’s Day playlist. Maybe you prefer more upbeat tracks or a playlist from your favorite romantic comedy. Either way, music will help make things more comfortable (and probably even urge you to get the dancing started).

4 | Order food delivery

Save yourself the hassle of cooking and order your date’s favorites instead! With the restaurants packed, you’re much better off having a delivery rider bring delicious meals straight to your doorstep.

5 | Give the perfect present

The perfect present doesn’t have to be expensive because as cliché as it is, it’s really the thought that matters. And on Valentine’s Day, knowing that someone put extra thought into a nice night in sounds like the perfect present indeed!

Article Written By The foodpanda Team

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