Gift Inspiration for Food Lovers – Christmas Edition

Gift Inspiration for Food Lovers – Christmas Edition

Many believe that the best Christmas gifts are the edible kind. After all, why just touch the heart when you can make one’s stomach happy too?

Here are foodpanda’s top suggestions for gift ideas sure to impress your friends, whether or not they’re foodies:

1 | Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


There are few things that are more comforting than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, with the chocolate chunks perfectly melted and the dough just the right texture of firm yet chewy. Let your friends experience the magic of this classic favorite and bake your own batch. Add some personality and toss in a secret ingredient or two!

2 | Homemade Ice Pops

Don’t ice pops just remind you so much of your childhood and how you couldn’t choose among so many flavors so you ended up getting more than one? Relive those good ol’ days and create your own ice pops out of fresh fruit! One tip is to pick out the ripest of the bunch. The sweeter the fruit is, the less sugar you’ll need and the more natural your ice pop will taste.

3 | Old-Fashioned Apple Pie


Everyone loves the smell of apple pie, especially if there’s a hint of cinnamon in the filling. A tart taste and firm texture will add to your pie’s perfection. A technique that works well is combining different kinds of apples in the filling to avoid them turning into mush. Include a bottle of caramel or butterscotch sauce into the package and you’ve got the perfect gift idea!

4 | Brownies or Dessert Bars


Whether you like them dense and fudgy or rich and crumbly, brownies and dessert bars are a favorite Christmas gift because they’re easy to make and can be done so in almost any flavor. For a twist, stuff them with cream cheese or marshmallows and top them with icing or whipped cream. Pack them in batches of 6 to 12, depending on how much of a sweet tooth your friends are!

5 | Caramel Custard (Leche Flan)


Caramel Custard, or more commonly known locally as Leche Flan, is a dessert made of eggs, milk and a soft caramel top, as opposed to crème brulee, which has a hard sugary surface. This custard is loved by Pinoys for its smooth texture, creamy finish and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Don’t forget to print out storage instructions for your friends when you deliver your flan!

What edible Christmas gift idea do you love giving (and receiving)?

Article Written By The foodpanda Team

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