Good Food Tour- Desserts Edition

Good Food Tour- Desserts Edition

Sweet dreams are made of cakes, milkshakes, DIY Ice cream bars, lemon biscotti and French desserts – only the best patisseries and cafes you can find on foodpanda. Our Good Food Tour takes you to some of Cebu’s best quality and specially chosen dessert shops.

Our bloggers and foodies savored a sweet day with the foodpanda team on this chocolate and dessert tasting extravaganza.


rsz_2_editedAmidala Cafe’s line of milkshake creations is taking over Cebu. The Star Wars themed Café serves out-of-this-world creamy concoctions, which overflow from mason jars, are topped high with magnum bars, whipped cream and sugary sweets like cupcakes, Oreos, chocolate cookies and more. Here are a few of the most drool-worthy shakes:

Amidala Café is surely garnering a lot of attention for its wide selection of ridiculously decadent and frothy milkshakes. #MayTheFrothBeWithYou


rsz_24_edtIf you have a sweet tooth and love cakes and cookies, Butterbean is for you. The bloggers and foodpanda team started by tasting a slice of their famous Tableya Chocolate Cake along with a cup of Butterbean’s signature coffee. Their cake is rich, dark, and moist, and it’s made with premium butter with no extenders. You can taste the realness and love with every bite.
Another thing Butterbean is famous for is DIY Ice Cream Bars. The best part is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want. You get to choose the different elements- ice cream, chocolate, toppings, drizzles- and then eat it, pausing only to Instagram it. Everyone had a blast doing this, but we still had one last stop before ending the tour.



You don’t have to go to Paris for French Desserts when Bocas Modern Patisserie is just in Banilad Town Centre (Cebu). The term patisserie evokes in the French mind the rest of the pastry family, generally less bread-like and more cake- or cookie-like pastries.
Life couldn’t be sweeter for French pastry chef, Jean Louis Leon. He opened Bocas Modern Patisserie in July and is focused on his creative take on French pastry. His signature desserts include the Alsaciene Apple Tart, Chou Chantilly Lemonsito Tart, Lemon Biscotti and French Macarons.
Chef Jean Louis is a firm believer that ‘one cannot be a pastry chef without being creative, passionate and a good eater’, He makes his creations colorful, topped with flowers and seasonal fruits. He prefers to stay true to classics, but elevating them with better quality ingredients, a perfect execution, and tasteful presentation.
We were served with Opera Cake- an elegant gâteau composed of thin layers of cake that are soaked in a coffee syrup and then layered with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache.
French Macarons- viewed as an artistic canvas as well as cookie by Chef Jean Louis, the texture in the first bite is delightful! The shell is delicate and the interior is soft and chewy. A burst of bold flavor from the filling ties it all together.
Chou Chantilly- Words cannot even begin to express how good they were. You’re just going to have to go ahead and try them for yourself.
We finally came to the end of the tour and all our bloggers and foodies left with a unique and wonderful experience with new culinary perspectives and a satisfying helping of Cebu’s dessert cafes in this month’s Good Food Tour. This is certainly not a tour for people on a diet.


Mitz Jao |
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Cebuano born and bred, Mitz is a registered nurse turned Marketing Manager for foodpanda. A devoted lover of words and wit, Mitz wanted to try her hand at writing. She will never refuse a piece of dark chocolate or anything matcha.




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