foodpanda’s Long Weekend To-Do List

foodpanda’s Long Weekend To-Do List

The upcoming holidays are a godsend to many who are looking forward to a break in the middle of the week. The luckier ones even have an entire four days to use up however they please.

If you weren’t quick enough to book a last minute vacation and are almost dreading the time at home, worry not! foodpanda has put together your long weekend to-do list to ensure you have both a fun and productive staycation.

1 | Throw a barbecue

Have you always wanted to have one but never had the time? Well, now’s your chance! Invite over a couple of friends and get grillin’! Lessen the burden on your wallet and have your guests bring a steak of their choice.

2 | Host an open sports fest

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A long weekend doesn’t always have to be a lazy one. Get off your butt, invite the neighbors and host a small sports fest at the park. Hula hoops, water balloons and monkey bars, sound like a lot of fun, don’t they?

Whether its French films, comedies, or the Harry Potter series you enjoy, take your movie marathon to the next level and hold your own film festival. Gather the family in the common area, project the movies on a wall, and have food to match your them to complete the night!

4 | Make a dent in your reading list

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Admit it, there is a tall stack of books on your desk—some of them have been opened and left to collect dust, while the others are probably still covered in plastic. Take this time to step into the world of the characters and improve your vocabulary while you’re at it!

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Enjoy the long weekend!

Article Written By The foodpanda Team

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